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We headed up for our last trip to the family cabin before school starts.  This time around it was a bit exciting since we did not have power for the bulk of the time we were there.  The solar charger we brought for Deeds iPad didn’t work so we were a bit nervous about how our guy would do during the 4 days we couldn’t turn on any shows or charge any electronics.  We tried to keep really busy with lots of hikes, crafts, nature walks, and playing outside.  Deeds also got a big kick out of the fact that we had to cook all the food over a fire and he didn’t have to have a bath for three whole days.

While the change in routine and bedtime situation without night-lights caused some stress for us a bit, overall it was a fantastic experience.  I’m so glad that almost 60 years ago my great grandparents built the cabin for their posterity to use.  It’s loved by our family, siblings, and countless cousins.  I think this is the first time the kids have been up there without having grandma or grandpa come up at one point too and they asked multiple times where they were.  Next time we’ll have to make sure they come up with us again.

By last night he was begging to go home and honestly I was ready to get home to a hot shower as well.  We stopped on the way out this morning and hiked up to a geocache.  Deeds was super excited to hold the GPS on my phone and tell us what direction to go.  We decided that next time we go up we’ll have to plan on doing a couple more caches.

We took HUNDREDS of photographs, but we decided you really didn’t need to see them all so here is a quick sampling.



Summer 2013 Kickoff

Even though Deeds still has school for the summer we decided to have a fun little kick off yesterday and I drove him and Gwen up to the cabin for the night with my parents.  It was their week and I’m thankful that they shared the evening and day with us.  My dad has a fishing buddy named Harry in his 80’s that was also up there and Deeds loved him.  He now says that Harry is one of his “best friends”

How did Harry become his new best friend.  Well, he taught Deeds how to play Domino’s.  The child is now obsessed and Harry loved that Deeds not only grasped the concept quickly but could even hold his own against the older men.  It was really adorable to watch.

We went on a hike today and with the snow still melting in the mountains it was much muddier than Deeds would have liked.  Poor little guy stepped in a puddle at one point and begged me to carry him back to the cabin.  Instead we took a little break and had a snack and then headed back.  He weighs so much and is growing so big that there was no way I could have carried him all the way back so I’m really glad he didn’t dwell on it for too long.

Magpie had an amazing time.  The minute we pulled onto the dirt road that leads to the cabin her head popped up in the back and she proceeded to make her way into the empty front seat next to me and wouldn’t budge till we let her out at the cabin.  Both her and Annabelle wore themselves out running and swimming in the creek and it didn’t take long for the kids and dogs to fall asleep once we got back home tonight.

They can’t wait to go back, but our week to visit again isn’t till September.  I know the time is going to fly but to such young kids they are sure it is an eternity away.

Jell-o Fight

Daddy and the kids running down the hill to the Jell-o Fight.

Yesterday we heard about a Jell-o fight at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  We decided to give it a try for fun since it was cousin Hannah’s last day in Utah.  I wasn’t so sure how exciting being covered in sticky gelatin on a day that was over 100 degrees would be so I bravely volunteered to sit with Magpie in the shade.

Little sister thought throwing the Jell-o was fun and came back sticky and red.  At first Deeds was quite excited, then he got dirty and sticky and he was done!  He sat with Magpie and mommy in the shade until they finally turned on the sprinklers.

Magpie loves how sweet Gwen smells covered in Jell-o

Once those sprinklers were on the roles were reversed and Gwen sat with mommy and Magpie while Deeds went nuts playing in the water.  He was soaking wet by the time we were all done but happy as a clam.

Love how happy he looks in this one!

Very wet but no longer sticky Deeds.

We are happy to know now that the gardens have a different activity for family night every Monday through the summer.  In a couple of weeks they even have one for Angry Birds that we will be anxiously waiting for.

Drying off in the sun after all the fun.

Cabin Fever

My mother’s side of the family has a cabin in the Uinta mountains.  My great grandparents started building it in the 1950’s.  The past couple of years my parents have been going up every weekend during the summers and fixing it up for all the generations of the family to be able to enjoy it again.  The past couple weekends I went up with the kids and Magpie to help out and this weekend we even got to take Deeds cousin from Houston with us.

Deeds and his “best girl buddy” Magpie the miracle service dog.

We have never taken Deeds up before because I was terrified.  Loosing him in a public place is frightening but you can usually enlist a lot of help to look for him.  Loosing him where there is nothing but vast wilderness and no cell phone coverage to call for help was something that I wasn’t willing to risk.  Now that we have Magpie and Deeds is getting older we decided it was time.  We even did a practice track while we were there to make sure Maggie could still find her boy out in the woods.

Deeds was so excited that he finished this puzzle all by himself!

Little sister painting and being a goof.

He calls this his “Spelling learning game”

The kids had a lot of fun playing games, doing puzzles and watching Disney movies while we were inside.  We would go for walks outside and it became quickly apparent that Deeds is not a huge fan of the great outdoors.  He never wanted to go for walks but once we got down to the water he would always have a lot of fun with Magpie playing fetch or throwing rocks into the creek.

Little sister LOVES being outside.

Deeds laughing as Magpie sticks her entire head under the water.


One day another family was also down by the creek and Magpie thought it was Christmas since they had two dogs and she got to play with them for a while.  She hasn’t been able to run and play that much since we were at training at 4 Paws.  Every once in a while I would randomly call out a command to make sure she was still aware we were still there and she would come bounding back with her tail wagging.  I’d praise her, Deeds would giggle and give her a treat and then we would let her jump back into the cold water to play some more.  It was a really great weekend.

Rock throwing, look at that form!

Beware the flying dogs!

You do NOT want to be standing next to Magpie when she is shaking off the water.

Deeds showed his cousin his favorite “biggest rock”

On the way home we took a little stop by the Provo River Falls.  They are beautiful and I promised Deeds cousin she could get some pictures by them.  About a half an hour later in the car as we were driving Deeds started to scream that he couldn’t find his blankie.  My heart sank and I pulled over to look around the car.  Sure enough it wasn’t there.  I could flip through the pictures on my phone and see exactly where he had it one second and not the next.  We turned around to drive back and prayed it would still be there.  My little guy was beyond upset and I was dealing with a great deal of anxiety about it myself.  Lucky for us someone had found it on the trail, folded it up and placed it on a rock.  I’ve never seen such a look of relief on Deeds face.  There is a new rule that the blankie doesn’t come out of the car unless mommy or daddy has it.  Since it’s what he hides under when he is overstimulated it’s more than just a comfort thing for him.  I’m so thankful that someone was nice enough to pick it up for us and set it somewhere we would see it.

All the cousins on the trail right before we lost blankie.

Provo River Falls

Deeds and Magpie checking out the falls. It was a beautiful day.