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Good Deeds

Deeds has been going to his morning preforming arts kindergarten and the afternoon public school kindergarten for about two weeks now.  The first week with just the afternoon was a bit rough at home so it was good to know we made the right choice to enroll him in the extra mornings too so that he was still on the full day schedule he has been used to for the past two years.  It has been really fun to hear him talking about singing, tae kwon do, and even dancing.  He is one of only two boys in the morning but it doesn’t seem to phase him in the least.  The other afternoon he even told me that at dance he learned how to sashay.  I asked him to show be and he threw his arms out to the side with wild abandon and took a large sweeping side step.  I clapped and told him good job and the look of absolute pride on his face just melted my heart.

While numbers are a strong point with Deeds it’s been a bit of a battle to get him to learn to read and write.  He can, he just doesn’t really want to take the time to do it.  He aced his first spelling test, spelling the words “I”, “red”, and “am” correctly (ah, kindergarten spelling rocks) but like most other kids he likes to flip letters a lot but I’m sure he’ll get there.  Two of the most common flipped letters for kids learning to write are J and D… so sometimes when he comes home the name on his paper can be all kinds of basackwards.

When picking him up this afternoon from the public school I asked his teacher about the IEP he is on since we’ve never gotten communication about if they started it or how it was going.  She said they have been coming into the class but she was wondering how we would feel if we changed it to a consultation, only when he needs it basis.  I asked if he was doing that well and she smiled at me and said he was one of the brightest in the class and was making friends like a champion!  I told her that if she was seeing him focus and do that well that I was okay with only pulling him out as needed, when he was overstimulated or needing extra time.    Honestly it took all the willpower I had not to burst into tears and hug her right then and there!  She has NO IDEA how far he has come but her enthusiasm and encouragement was just the boost this mama needed.

Our little guy has not only tackled many of his challenges, but he has hit them so hard they shatter.  He is a great example to us!

For those wondering about Magpie.  I know I haven’t really mentioned her a lot on here lately.  She is still doing great.  A little bored again when he is gone all day and so getting into some mischief at home that we are having to watch for, but she is still a miracle worker and sometimes I just need to remember she is a dog, not a robot.  I can’t leave that fresh loaf of bread on the counter to cool and leaver he downstairs for an hour and not expect her to devour the entire thing.   It was never an issue before but now that she’s gotten away with it a couple times she is being a stinker about it and so the retraining begins.

Deeds has been seizure free for a while now so she hasn’t had to do alerting, and he also hasn’t wandered lately so that is awesome too.  Maybe wandering looses its magic when you know a big black dog is going to track you down and slobber all over you when she finds you.  😉

We still use her for meltdowns at home and in public and anytime we are out and about he wants her right there next to him.  We’ve started to bump into a lot more service dogs in public and at first that caught her off guard since I think she assumed she was the only one allowed, but now she listens when we tell her to just ignore them and keep working.  She is just so playful and so when another dog is around it takes all the focus in her furry body to stay on task and not go bounding over barking to play!   I needed her a bunch last week when Deeds decided to start chewing the skin off his thumb at church.  I didn’t notice till he was almost bleeding and so I kept having her do behavior disruption with him and it really helped.  Hopefully the chewing on his own hands doesn’t become an issue.  He did it to the thumb he still sucks when he is upset, and he couldn’t suck it for a while without a lot of pain so I’m honestly hoping that discourages him from gnawing on any other appendages.

Our little family is doing great.  We are in full blown school mode and getting ready for our little cabin weekend, halloween (our costumes are going to rock) and sister’s upcoming 4th birthday party.   We’ll keep you posted!