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Doggie Doctor

It was time for Magpie’s checkup and shots for sisters doggie Max so we headed to the vet yesterday. They entire office staff is still so excited to see her everytime we go in and this time we talked about how we couldn’t believe it has been almost two years since we almost lost her to the snail bate. It’s because of their quick thinking and skills that we still have her and so we will go there forever now!

Both dogs did great with their shots and got clean bills of health. Yay!



Disney on Ice

How can you tell mommy is in the middle of a crazy semester of school…. she never blogs for Deeds and Magpie.  I can’t believe the last post was from Christmas, but hey, it’s spring break for me now which means catching up on everything from doctors appointments, oil changes, yard work and even blogging!


Last weekend we were given tickets to Disney on Ice by an old friend of mine.  She even surprised us with third row seats and the kids were in heaven.  Since a Disneyland trip this year isn’t in the books I was hoping this would quench a bit of their Disney thirst but I think it may have added a log to the fire instead.

It was very cold waiting for the train in the morning.

It was very cold waiting for the train in the morning.

Hear no evil, speak no evil?

Hear no evil, speak no evil?

Waiting to get into the arena.

Waiting to get into the arena.

We decided to take the train up to Salt Lake instead of driving and it was a huge hit.  Magpie wasn’t a big fan at first but like the pro she is, she quickly relaxed and enjoyed the ride with the rest of us and then slept her way through all the ice skating commotion.  I did have to laugh at one point when Jeremy was standing with Deeds and Magpie while I was purchasing a drink for the kids.  I turned around and there were no less than 5 little girls, all dressed up like princesses, talking to Deeds and petting Magpie (who was loving all the attention).  Deeds was incredibly overstimulated during the show but despite it all we had a great time, spinning and flapping included.


We did get a lot of great pictures that are pretty self explanatory.  Deeds favorite parts were when Rapunzel and Flynn flew and when the horse was ice skating.


A REAL Night for Autism

Remember back when we were blessed by the amazing fans from the Real Salt Lake soccer team when we were fundraising for the service dog?  You don’t?  Well go back and check it out here.

Once again this team has shown how much it loves the the community and it is having an autism night.  It’s
Leo the lion’s Paws for a Cause Autism night on September 22nd!  If you love soccer this is the game not to be missed because with every purchase of a $20 ticket using promo code SAHARA on their website, a $5 donation will be made to support the 2012 Autumn Carnival for Autism!

The carnival is something Deeds loved last year and is super excited for this year, especially now that he has Magpie.  He told me he is going to “show her around and if she is good let her eat a hot dog.”  I chuckled at that since he knows it’s the only treat she gets that she’ll do anything for.

We will be going as a family to the game.  It will be Deeds first time in a full crowded stadium but with Magpie there I know he’ll love it.  He has wanted to go to a game for a while now so I’m thrilled we are finally going to try it out with him.  He is really excited.

The link is to enter the promo code and get the tickets is  Come cheer on the Real Salt Lake as they play Portland!

A week away

A couple weeks ago we spent almost 7 full days off the grid at the family cabin up in the Uintas.  The kids are the 5th generation to be able to spend time there and it’s just fantastic.  It was perfect timing as the last hurrah before school started for everyone.  We had some friends and family with us for a couple of nights and then it was just us and grandma for the rest of the time.  We took a ton of pictures and so I’m going to let them speak for themselves.

It’s become one of Magpie and Deeds favorite places in the world.  Magpie gets to really let loose and act like the crazy lab she is and Deeds gets to throw rocks in water and watch VHS video’s to his heart’s content.  I think we played Hercules at least 4 times a day while we were there.  He got so obsessed with it that guess who is going to be our favorite hero for Halloween.  We seriously lucked out and even found the costume on ebay already.  Here is the run down for everyone’s costumes according to JD:

  • Deeds: Hercules
  • Gwen: Meg
  • Dad: Hades
  • Mom: the “middle” Muse
  • Magpie: Pegasus

We have everyone’s costumes ready now with the exception of daddy and magpie.  I just need to convince Deeds to let me make Magpie a black Pegasus and not the white one with blue hair like in the movie.

Back to the cabin…  We went on a lot of walks and little hikes with the kids.  Little sister was much more interested in the outings than Deeds was but it helped when we took a half an egg carton with us.  We put pieces of tape in the bottom of each spot and colored them each with a different color.  During the walks the kids would try to find stuff from nature to put in the spots with the corresponding color.

It was an amazing week and we made a lot of cherished family memories.  After a rough summer it was the perfect ending and way to kick off the fall.

Throwing rocks after swimming in the creek.

Magpie in the creek with an amazing view behind her.

Very wet Magpie watching Deeds play after she was done swimming.

Deeds balancing on his favorite log. We had at least one picture a day on the log, it was his favorite spot at the creek.

The doggies resting after a extra long walk.

The kids decided this fort about 10 minutes up a trail was the perfect spot for a snack and drink break.

Deeds jumping over a log on the trail.

Magpie waiting for Deeds and I while we headed out for one of our many outings.

Bundled up watching for moose during one of our night walks. Deeds is actually wearing his great great grandfather’s coat, it was pretty cute. We would take glow sticks with us, I think it was the kids favorite.

Yet another shot on our favorite log.

Deeds watching his “favorite cabin movie”. The kids would play titans and heros while together. To the best of what we could determine it was a bit like their version of cops and robbers.

Deeds and Magpie splashing around.

Deeds sitting in the creek and trying to convince little sister to try it too.

Drying off in the sun after all the splashing around in the cold water.

Deeds swinging, we found it on our first night walk and then went back every other night we were there.

Pushing dad and Gwen on the swing.

Deeds counting his 24 glow in the dark bracelets from our walk the night before.

Side note: I love that last picture for a few reasons, one is that you can clearly see the side of his face that was burned so badly on his third birthday.  It still amazes me that it healed so well and that the hair grew back in almost the entire area.  You really have to look close to see the scars on his forehead.  Such a miracle and blessing for our little guy.

William Tell

Last year we really wanted to make it to the special needs night at the Capital Theater but we couldn’t because it was right after Deeds burn.  This time we were ready to go and counted down the days!

We met daddy up in Salt Lake, all of us dressed up.  Even Magpie got a good brushing before we headed out.  When we arrived we were early so we had our pick of seats but with Magpie and us being unsure how Deeds would react to the music we sat in the back.  Ended up being a good choice since anytime there was clapping Deeds would complain about the sound.

To be honest it wasn’t exactly Deeds cup of tea.  I think he enjoyed the music as background noise but within minutes we had the iPad out to keep him calm.  Little sister on the other hand was in HEAVEN.  Who would think a 2 year old would love the symphony and opera so much.  She loved conducting the music and all the singing.  Magpie was fantastic and even got recognized from TV by a couple of employees that asked how she was doing.  We spoke to a few other families about her and she got a lot of love from the kids that were there.  By the time we got back out to the car she was worn out and thrilled to just lay down and relax.  She and Deeds both snored all the way home.

The best part of the evening was one of the last numbers.  I’ve heard the William Tell overture many times.  I think I’ve even preformed it before in some band.  In case you need a refresher here it is:

A little while into the song in the center of the Theater a young man stood up and started conducting the song, waving his arms haphazardly through the air.  His enthusiasm was contagious and soon the room was filled with flapping hands and dancing with yells of joy following.  All these amazing spirits that had done so well during the performances were able to really act out how the music was touching them.  As I looked around at them all I couldn’t help but let the tears just slide down my face.  Even Deeds was laughing at this point.  The conductor turned around at one point smiling and it was such a wonderful moment.  No dirty looks or scolding from those behind the revelers, just smiling and happiness.  It was truly heaven on earth.

The evening ended in pure joy.

A HUGE thank you to the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera.  We will be back next year!

Magpie Waits

Magpie is such a smart girl.  The problem with this is that when Deeds leaves for school she mopes around because he is gone.  For a while I would play with her and let her snuggle next to me but then we started to see a subtle shifting of her bond to me from Deeds.  Little sister Gwen is so inlove with our other dog that she really dosent want anything to do with Magpie, which is actually a good thing so we don’t have to worry about them bonding too much while he is in school.  Now I’m back to just meeting her basic needs while he is gone.  Now so she is super, bouncing off the walls excited when he gets home. 

Yesterday the bus was quite a but later than normal dropping Deeds off from school.  Magpie sat curled up by the front door for a half an hour waiting for her boy.  Popping her head I’ll every time she heard a noise.  It was so adorable .


I’m so amazed at their connection and how good she is for him.  We sure love our miracle Magpie!

Is he the yet?

Is he the yet?