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Captain American Girl

I’m posting this on Deeds blog because he is the one that originally told his little sister to be Captain American for Halloween.  I didn’t think she would take it to heart but low an behold she decided that she was no longer going to be cinderella, and she was going to be Cap instead.

I showed her pictures of the female Captain but she wanted nothing to do with it and was determined to wear the muscled up kid costume she has seen all her boy cousins wear.  I asked if she wanted me to make her a skirt and she replied, “No mom.  The Cap doesn’t wear a skirt!”

Then she wanted sparkly shoes, ruby slipper style and next thing I knew she decided a tutu would be just the thing to complete the costume.

I ran to Hobby Lobby today and got the tulle for the tutu (yeah for no sew tutu’s) and then decided to get some sparkly felt like material to make little embellishments to hook onto her sunday shoes.  I have a handy dandy circle cutter so I figured it would be an easy task when I bought the stuff but then I couldn’t find the cutter.  I just printed out a logo online and then traced the shape and cut out each layer then hot glued it all together.  Since the middle is actually 5 pieces thick it turned out to be really sturdy and I may make a smaller set at hair bows and then put her hair in low pony tails in the back for trick-or-treating.


Thanks to the tulle being 50% off the entire costume only cost me $15!  WAHOOO!  The eye holes on the mask really drive her nuts so I think I’ll just sew them up and out of the way so she wears it all like a hat instead.

I just have to say.  Deeds is one awesome big brother and his little sister adores him, and all of his little quirks.  Deeds is going to be the Red Power Ranger and now they are plotting what Magpie is going to be…it’s going to be a fun Halloween this year.